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Professional qualified advice comes as standard - accessible 24 hours a day

Our partnership with legal experts DAS means ACT members can access 24 hour UK based helplines, covering the following subjects:

  • Commercial & Legal Advice
  • Human Resources
  • Health & Safety
  • Tax Advice
  • Redundancy approval (see also legal assistance page)
  • Assistance in the event of business emergency (fire, flood etc)
  • Confidential counselling for owners, their staff and immediate family members
  • The team at the ACT head office are always available to offer common sense advice and support


DAS provide you, your employees and any members of their immediate family (who reside permanently with them) with a confidential counselling service over the phone, if they are aged 18 or over. This includes, where appropriate, onward referral to relevant voluntary and/or professional services*.

* Costs arising from the use of these referral services are not covered by DAS or the ACT.

24 hour unlimited access

Unlike many other legal and business support helplines, the ACT offer members 24 hour, unlimited access to DAS business support and counselling. To access the helplines click on the button below. 


Access helpline


Service criteria 

The helplines are a standard feature of Silver and Gold ACT membership.

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