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We want this website to be accessible to everyone.

We know that there are many ways that people view websites: Not everyone uses a browser running at a large screen resolution on a powerful computer; you may be using this site on a mobile phone or tablet. Other users may have a disability that prevents them from using a mouse whilst others may have poor or no vision.

We have designed and built this website with all users in mind and this includes some features that will make it easier for you to use the site.

Standards Compliance

Each page of the site meets at least Priority 1 guidelines of W3 Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and the U.S. Federal Government Section 508 Guidelines.

Semantic XHTML

Every piece of information on our site is part of a logical document structure. This is important for people with poor vision who use screen-readers. A screen-reader uses a voice synthesiser to read aloud the text of a webpage and if the page is logically structured, the user will have a much better experience.

CSS for styling

CSS - Cascading Style Sheets - is a technology that allows us to create the layout and style of the site. If your browser does not support CSS or you choose to disable it, the pages of the site are still readable - they will simply be shown as black text on a white background with no layout.

Resizing Text

You can use your web browser to increase or decrease the text size.


  • Ctrl + Number pad Plus: Increase font size
  • Ctrl + Number pad Minus: Decrease font size

Internet Explorer:

  • Select View -> Text Size from the main menu bar and choose a size from the list


  • Number pad Plus: Increase font size
  • Number pad Minus: Decrease font size


  • Apple Key + Number pad Plus: Increase font size
  • Apple Key + Number pad Minus: Decrease font size