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12 Jun 2024

A £1 billion damages claim has been filed against Amazon on behalf of retailers selling on Amazon’s UK marketplace for illegally misusing their data and manipulating the Amazon Buy...

6 Jun 2024

Bradford-based Pennine Cycles has been named a High Street Hero in the Small Awards.

6 Jun 2024

Lee & Darren from Spokes People, one of Cytech’s UK training providers, are attending the National Cycling Show this weekend and will be delivering various workshops and sessions for...

3 Jun 2024

The British Independent Retailers Association has released the second episode of its 'High Street Matters' podcast series, this time tackling the important issue of accessibility for independent...

3 Jun 2024

Road Traffic Estimates data published by the Department for Transport has shown a 7.3% decline in cycling miles travelled and a 2.2% rise in car journeys between 2022 and 2023. It's...

3 Jun 2024

People will be able to have their bikes security marked in Devon as part of a scheme to keep cyclists safe.

3 Jun 2024

An amendment to the Criminal Justice Bill, put forward by former Conservative Party leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith, that was set to introduce the offense of “causing death by dangerous,...

3 Jun 2024

A programme to get more Londoners cycling across the capital is being launched by Transport for London (TfL).

3 Jun 2024

Consumer confidence has continued its “upward momentum” despite the cost-of-living crisis remaining a daily reality for households, a survey suggests.

20 May 2024

Cycling UK has launched the Inclusive Cycling Experience, a new programme funded by the Motability Foundation, to support disabled communities in Greater Manchester and Inverness to start...

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Sustrans calls for improved cycle storage for people on low incomes.

Posted on in Business News , Cycles News

The Sustrans Walking and Cycling Index, the biggest UK survey of walking, wheeling and cycling, found only 40% of residents on low incomes had access to a cycle. This compared to 59% in professional occupations. 

parked bikes

Importantly the Index found in 2021 that 70% of residents on a low income would find access to a cycle useful to start cycling. But while people on a low income are less likely to be able to afford the cost of a new cycle, it's not just cost that has been found to put people off getting a cycle. 

Sustrans’ Cycling for Everyone research found that people do not just consider the upfront cost of a cycle but also have concerns over security and insurance in the long term.

60% of residents on a low income or not in employment think access to secure cycle storage at or near their home would help them to cycle more.

Recent research from Cycling Scotland found a third of Scottish households were likely to have no safe place to store their bikes. 46% of Scottish social housing residents have nowhere suitable to store a cycle. The research suggested people living in high-rise buildings, tenement flats and apartment blocks were most likely to be affected.  

Cycling Scotland also found that very few Scottish authorities were retrofitting cycle storage, with no requirement to provide residential cycle storage in national planning and transport policies.  

Sustrans says it believes all people should have access to cycle storage that is convenient, secure, safe, weatherproof and accessible.

However, people on a low income or not in employment are more likely to live in smaller homes, including flats. A lack of space inside homes, no access to private outside space, and living in blocks of flats without step-free access from the street, all make cycle parking harder.   People on low incomes are also more likely to live in areas of multiple deprivation where crime is often higher. This means that secure cycle storage access is vital.

Overcoming cycle storage barriers is critical to increasing cycling levels amongst people on low incomes, it says.

Sustrans is therefore delivering research, supported by Cyclehoop, to better understand cycle storage provisions in the UK and the barriers that people face to safely storing their bikes. This will include a UK-wide representative survey and focus groups to understand the scale of the problem, barriers to home cycle storage and potential solutions.  Sustrans hopes to launch this research in July 2024. 

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