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15 Apr 2024

The Rediscovery Centre, the National Centre for the Circular Economy in Ireland, today announced its partnership with Cytech, the internationally recognised training and accreditation scheme for...

12 Apr 2024

Just two weeks remain for the UK cycle industry to have its say on the current Government consultation to double the permissible power of e-bikes, and to remove the need for pedalling.

10 Apr 2024

Award-winning cycling business Spokes Bikes has added a new shop in Greenock to existing shop in Bridge of Weir.

9 Apr 2024

Communities across England are to be given access to £101 million of government funding for high-quality walking and cycling routes, improving the quality of local public engagement for...

9 Apr 2024

The founders of a Wirral bike recycling scheme have opened a hub across the River Mersey as part of a campaign to encourage more people into cycling.

8 Apr 2024

 A new video from the London Cycling Campaign (LCC) launched ahead of the mayoral election on May 2 urges followers to “make sure London’s next Mayor knows just how much we all...

8 Apr 2024

A new study has suggested that cities need to take into account the rapid growth and serious potential of electric bikes in moving people.

8 Apr 2024

A new study conducted by the Department of Industrial Engineering, Capital University of Economics and Business, Beijing, says a bike’s cost and the income of the buyer play the biggest...

3 Apr 2024

The Association of Cycle Traders is urging cycle retailers to register their opposition to proposed government changes to e-bike regulations before the consultation closes on April...

2 Apr 2024

Walsall's cycling community has been celebrating a family-owned business which celebrates its 90th anniversary this year.

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Takeover of Wiggle is a chance for small bike businesses, says clothing CEO

Posted on in Business News , Cycles News

CEO of UK cycle clothing and accessories brand Lusso has said that the takeover of Wiggle by Mike Ashley’s Frasers Group represents an opportunity for small bike businesses to benefit from.


Speaking to Cycling Weekly, Jake Wright said:

"There's definitely opportunities there now, because it's more than likely that the Wiggle-owned brands like DHB won't be trading for a year or two while it gets under new management and restarts again."

"So we're looking to capitalise on where those customers are going to go in the short term. And hopefully they like us, and they come back to us. We don't have this massive budget to spend on marketing to shout about our name, so we rely on the sort of loyal following that we've amassed over the last 40 years to just keep coming back."

Wiggle CRC entered administration in October and was put up for sale after its parent company, Signa Sports United, had €150 million in financial guarantees terminated.

Lusso makes its own clothing in its small Manchester-based headquarters, and like other manufacturers and retailers its size, doesn't have the marketing budget of global giants like Wiggle CRC. Wiggle had so much clout that its recent closing down sale had a significant effect on Lusso's financials for the last quarter of 2023, Wright said, as customers flocked to buy goods at rock-bottom prices.

This does mean that small businesses offering only entry-level kit could feel the strain, Wright said: "We have an entry-level range, but we offer other things as well, so I think the more premium brands will be fine. Because I don't see Wiggle / Frasers having the reputation to create something that's going to match the likes of say, Rapha, or, you know, like a more premium retailer."

With so many staff and bills to pay for, and inventory to keep moving, the biggest retailers – such as Wiggle – are the least stable, Wright pointed out. Now is the time, he insisted, to support local businesses, small businesses. 

Writing on his Lusso blog  he said: "If current trends continue, we’ll only be left with big corporations running the show. I would encourage everyone to support local bike shops and local businesses if they can. And although recent times have been tough, the future looks promising."

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