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5 Sep 2023

A Government energy efficiency campaign has been launched to help SME businesses across the UK to both better understand and reduce their energy usage - and in turn reduce their energy bills....

4 Sep 2023

New research has named Danish capital Copenhagen as the best city for cyclists in Europe, with one-third (33%) of the city choosing to travel by bike. Copenhagen is also one of the safest cities...

4 Sep 2023

ACT member & Cytech-accredited Highway Cycles, Hertfordshire’s largest independent bike and e-bike specialist, has opened a new shop in Bishop’s Stortford.

24 Aug 2023

Volatility in the cycle insurance market that has resulted in most insurers backing away from the UK cycling industry owing to poor claims performance has led the ACT, through its appointed...

24 Aug 2023

Cytech training provider Spokes People were recently asked by the Afghan National Team if they could suggest any way for them to be supported mechanically at the UCI World Championships in...

22 Aug 2023

Cities across the country are following the lead of the Mayor of London, and ULEZ (Ultra Low Emissions Zone), by implementing their own measures to reduce carbon produced by combustion engines.

22 Aug 2023

Journeys made using Transport for London’s (TfL) cycle hire scheme this year are at their lowest in a decade, with the organisation blaming recent bad weather as a potential cause.

21 Aug 2023

The manager of ACT Gold Member Pedal Revolution in Norwich has demonstrated the strength of the cycling community, after rallying support for a local cyclist who had to sell his four bikes to...

21 Aug 2023

A report in Cycling Industry News says that 60% of Fix Your Bike vouchers that were issued during the peak Covid lockdown period were redeemed at smaller bike shops and...

10 Aug 2023

One in five UK consumers (20%) prefer using mobile payment services such as Apple Pay over cash (17%) or chip & PIN card payments (10%) for in-store purchases, a new survey has reported.

Government’s energy efficiency campaign to helps SMEs reduce their energy bills.

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A Government energy efficiency campaign has been launched to help SME businesses across the UK to both better understand and reduce their energy usage - and in turn reduce their energy bills. The campaign promotes a range of actions that businesses can take to increase their energy efficiency, from easy no or low-cost actions to longer-term investments.

Business energy

Key energy saving actions being promoted as part of the campaign, include: 

Quick and easy, no-cost actions:

  • Turning off lights: turn off lighting in unoccupied areas and outside of working hours.
  • Adjusting your heating: set your heating to 19°C and cooling to 24°C or higher to ensure a comfortable but low-cost temperature on your premises.

 Low-cost actions

  • Review your energy tariff: contact your energy supplier to understand their tariffs and compare with other providers before agreeing a contract.
  • Conduct an energy usage assessment: assess how your business currently uses energy and identify how savings can be made.
  • Install a smart meter: contact your energy supplier to arrange a smart meter installation, or ask your landlord to do so, to get accurate data about how your business uses energy.
  • Stop draughts and insulate doors and windows: block unwanted gaps around windows, doors and floors to stop heat escaping and reduce your energy bills.
  • Upgrade your lightbulbs: upgrade lighting to LED bulbs, which use very little energy and are long-lasting.
  • Ensure your boiler is properly maintained: well-maintained boilers are significantly more efficient to run.

Long-term investments

  • Replace your boiler with a heat pump with the help of a government grant: the Government is offering grants of up to £6,000 off the cost of a heat pump, which are significantly more efficient than traditional boilers.
  • Invest in energy efficient products: the Energy Technology List provides businesses with a regularly updated list of government-approved energy efficiency products to save your business energy and money.

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