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22 Apr 2024

Small shops have been more "agile" at fighting COVID sale slumps than chain stores, according to a new report.

22 Apr 2024

For the first time in its campaign to help the city address escalating lithium-ion battery fires, the Fire Department of New York filed criminal charges against a Brooklyn e-bike shop owner for...

22 Apr 2024

The managing director of Brompton has backed a campaign to introduce stricter e-bike battery regulations in the UK, amid "too many examples of e-bikes, e-scooters and light electric...

15 Apr 2024

The Rediscovery Centre, the National Centre for the Circular Economy in Ireland, today announced its partnership with Cytech, the internationally recognised training and accreditation scheme for...

12 Apr 2024

Just two weeks remain for the UK cycle industry to have its say on the current Government consultation to double the permissible power of e-bikes, and to remove the need for pedalling.

10 Apr 2024

Award-winning cycling business Spokes Bikes has added a new shop in Greenock to existing shop in Bridge of Weir.

9 Apr 2024

Communities across England are to be given access to £101 million of government funding for high-quality walking and cycling routes, improving the quality of local public engagement for...

9 Apr 2024

The founders of a Wirral bike recycling scheme have opened a hub across the River Mersey as part of a campaign to encourage more people into cycling.

8 Apr 2024

 A new video from the London Cycling Campaign (LCC) launched ahead of the mayoral election on May 2 urges followers to “make sure London’s next Mayor knows just how much we all...

8 Apr 2024

A new study has suggested that cities need to take into account the rapid growth and serious potential of electric bikes in moving people.

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Learn from the best social media posts of 2022

Posted on in Business News , Cycles News

Each mobileweek Maybe* round up the best social media posts from across the UK. See who's coming out on top and copy the winning moves for yourself. The tips and tricks are easy to replicate for any business no matter the size.

July 2022


As the annual drama on Wimbledon's Centre Court unfolded there was a chance for shoppers and tourists in London's West End to get in on the action. Covent Garden installed a big screen where people could gather for a spot of Pimms and strawberries while enjoying the tennis.

Covent Garden and other shopping centres regularly provide entertainment and installations that offer shoppers other things to do while they are visiting. Sharing the activity on social gives the customer extra reasons and increases spend at the destination's Piazza, benefitting the businesses in the area. They get extra points for providing activities that people want to take pictures of and share on their social media feeds, increasing the reach of the event and activity further.

How you can give it a go
When big sporting and pop culture moments happen, join in the conversation. You don't have to have huge budgets or an enormous screen. You might have a themed window display, or a themed menu. Your contribution to the chatter could simply be to ask people who they are rooting for. The important thing is to remember it should be something people want to get involved in, or want to share on social media so make it interesting. Whether its Love Island or Wimbledon, its easy to strike up a conversation on topics people are already talking about and are interested in. Give it a go and see if your comments, likes and shares increase.

Where there's a supermarket scandal, there's an Aldi way. As the cost of Lurpak butter hits the headlines, Aldi were quick off the mark to remind customers of their lower price point alternative. You can always rely on Aldi to add a well humoured and well intentioned response that gains traction in terms of comments and retweets.

How to replicate
As the cost of living rises and has a very real impact on households, it is important to get the tone of your pricing messaging right. In Aldi's case, the dry humour and speed of reaction lands well as it is on brand for them. Other retailers might prefer a gentler approach pointing out cost savings or promotions. However you choose to react to news around the economy, make sure it is appropriate for your brand, and for the audience you want to land the message with. If it doesn't feel authentic to you and your business, then its probably not right.

June 2022


Glastonbury re-opened its gates to festival goers for the first time in two years last week. And of the festival's headliners, this post from Billie Eilish's set scored the festival the most engagement. The moody, close up image gave followers not at the festival a view of the action and those who did attend, a chance to reminisce. The image does the talking with a simple caption noting the artist and the stage they performed on, alongside the #Glastonbury2022 hashtag.

How to replicate
Big events like Glastonbury get everyone talking so even though it might not be relevant to your business, use occasions like this to engage followers. Maybe you sell festival or music related product, maybe you just enjoyed a performance and want to ask your followers what they think. And if that's not right for your business, simply take a leaf from Glastonbury's book and let show stopping images do the talking for you.

It's Independent Book Shop Week, and north of the border Scotland are celebrating a year of stories. This post by Visit Scotland combines two relevant events to rally the content around. The image invites you to discover a bibliophile's paradise and lose yourself among a labyrinth of books while the post copy makes use of local and bookshop related hashtags, crediting the photographer and the bookshop featured to share the love!

How to replicate
Theme your content around national and local events to increase your relevance and engagement. There's a whole host of national and international days (you can google lists of these) that you can plan for. From hard hitting charity and social causes to support through to the more random 'talk like a pirate day' you'll find something timely you can engage followers with.

Aldi are up to it again and setting tongues (and tails) a wagging. The supermarket is set to launch an ice cream for your pooches. To announce the Labrador friendly lollipops, there's a woofingly wonderful video over on Facebook. Customers are rushing to share pics of their pups in the comments online; and desperate to load up their trolleys offline. Perfect product, the talk-ability factor and cutesy content makes for a winning combination of engagement, sales, and happy hounds.

How to replicate
If you've got product you know people will love and be desperate to get their paws on; make sure your social media content is just as impactful. Look for creative and relevant ways to make your mark and go big with the tactics that will stop the scroll.

Well this is New is an Instagram account that rounds up the best of novelty and newness across retailers in the UK. It's a simple premise that has amassed 54,000 followers who love to have their say on what's coming to market. The comments are laughter inducing and at times blunt - yikes. But this presents an opportunity for retailers to lean into those uncomfortable conversations and find out what's working.

How to replicate
Regularly posting about new products and inviting discussion gives you immediate customer feedback. Customers love sharing their opinion, the good, bad and the ugly. But be brave, you'll learn something and build a sparkling rapport with your customers.

May 2022


Boohoo know their customers love a bit of celebrity culture. In the last week they’ve posted two celeb news stories - Rihanna’s had her baby and Kourtney Kardashian got married both racking up engagements in the tens of thousands.

Boohoo have a customer base that is young, fashion forward and influenced by celebrity. By creating content that celebrates their audience's favourite celebs - they rack up easy engagement by being relevant and jumping on trending conversations.

How to replicate
Knowing what other brands or interests your customers have will help you easily identify content and topics they are even more likely to engage with. It doesn't have to be celebrity goss if that's not right for your brand, but play around with re-sharing content from news outlets, lifestyle brands and influencers you think your own audience will love.

BoxPark are getting a new venue in an indoor space called BoxHall. BoxPark is famed for combining retail with entertainment, art and dining, giving people a reason to visit for something unique that involves shopping and experience. it’s new venue, BoxHall opening Summer 2023 is set to bring together emerging and established indie food outlets, catering to city dwelling foodies and London’s visitors.

This post was shared by all of its sites who have their own social media accounts as each site, while part of a family, also has its own identity and offering. This premises will open in an old entrance to a train station and the post tags in Transport for London who have plenty of reach with Londoners and tourists.

How to replicate
There are plenty of opportunities to create a long build up and get people invested from the off even if you’re not opening for another six months or a year.

If you’ve got a new premises opening social media is a great way to announce it and also detail how it will be new and different to drive excitement. Regular progress updates will continue to build intrigue alongside regular tagging of partners and vendors to amass a bigger audience.

April 2022


Asda make it their business to celebrate their team on the regular. Anytime a team member goes above and beyond for a customer, you'll hear about it on social media and see the engagement soar. People love acts of kindness and positive news stories and can't wait to comment and share them.

How to replicate
Share the success of your team and celebrate your people. Recognising your team in a public way speaks to your values as a business and demonstrates everybody matters.

March 2022

Primark are a long time social media favourite at Maybe*. We love this post that lends a fashion forward edge to introduce the key trends for Spring.

The post invites customers to vote and comment on their favourite colour trend with multiple image posts.

How to replicate
Asking customers to comment with their opinion is always going to get social media tongues wagging. Using their feedback helps you gauge what content is likely to perform best, if you know your customers are head over heels for lilac, then you can be sure they’ll love to see more content about that, and be inspired to visit store and pick up a few of the featured items.

Fortnum's have launched a rapid delivery service shipping Fortnum’s favourites direct to the doors of Londoners.

The delivery services is available in London to doors within six miles of the Piccadilly store in under two hours. To announce and create a bit of intrigue into the service, Fortnum's have installed a 'Fortnum's' blue' delivery bike in the store so curious shoppers can find out more..

Fortnum's have chosen Supper London, a luxury delivery service over the likes of Deliveroo or Just Eat as its more in line with their own brand positioning.

How to replicate
Whether its delivery services or a stockist, ensuring your brand experience is woven through all touchpoints customers will have is a win for you, your partners and your customers. Just make sure to tag your new partners into your post to double up on reach and engagement

Cath Kidston generate engagement by introducing key team members from the store environment and in Head Office. Followers are invited to pose questions to the team members via stories. For businesses like Cath Kidston with a cult following and a distinct brand, it also gives diehard fans a sneak peek behind the scenes.

How to replicate
Introducing your team and people helps customers get to know the people behind your business, giving them a chance to see the passion that goes into it.

February 2022

Liverpool Football Club scored a social media high celebrating a winning goal. Sports teams whether national or local present an amazing opportunity to unite communities online and offline around a common passion, which often translates to place.

How to replicate
Keep your eye on the sporting and pop culture events driving conversation online and create content that celebrates success. Rally around your local sports teams in your place as its the perfect way to show you're invested in your community.

Missguided celebrated Twosday on Tuesday February 22nd 2022 with a killer comp and social media post. The post offered up a £2222 cash prize, and to continue the Twosday theme, invited followers to tag their BFF.

How to replicate
Theming competitions around popular culture or events increases relevance. Inviting followers to tag someone else in, increases the reach and engagement on your posts.

Relative lingerie newcomer, Bluebella set pulses racing on Instagram. Their content can frequently be found in the best social media posts. As well as sumptuous and sexy styling, Bluebella is famous for its inclusive celebration of all shapes, sizes, skin tones and genders, and puts self-love firmly at the heart of everything they do.

How to replicate
Confidence and authenticity are key. Make sure your social media posts convey what you stand for, who you stand for, and fearlessly stand by it.

Who said romance is dead? There’s no harm in using seasonal events like Valentines Day to offer competitions around. And who doesn’t love flowers. B&M invited customers to comment when they last received flowers to be in with a chance of winning.

The mechanic to enter gives people the chance to vent and tell funny stories, all of which B&M can engage with and reshare or use to create conversation among the community.

How to replicate
Valentines Day competitions are an easy way to make this seasonal event accessible and inclusive to everyone.

January 2022

Pop star and all round heart throb Harry Styles is going on tour and there was a teenage scramble for tickets. Lidl were quick off the mark and got in on the action and conversation. Referencing the star’s hit single Watermelon Sugar High, Lidl playfully pointed out to those disappointed fans who didn’t score tickets that Watermelon and sugar are both available at Lidl. . .

How to replicate
Keep your finger on the pulse of what's going on in the world of pop culture. It's an easy way for you to create relevant and topical content.

Boots got in on the Veganuary action last week by featuring cult skincare favourite, The Ordinary.

Veganuary may traditionally be something supermarkets and restaurants can get on board with, however skincare and beauty brands also have the opportunity to maximise their cruelty-free or plant based offerings at a time of year where customers are doubling down on the self care and lifestyle changes.

How to replicate
Be aware of relevant hashtags, awareness days/weeks and months as well seasonal moments like Veganuary. They offer businesses a chance to create and theme content around things already top of customers’ minds.

The travel industry has been the hardest hit by the pandemic and ongoing changes and restrictions. As news emerged that Boris Johnson hosted a party (or work meeting depending on whether you accept the official line or not), while the country were following government rules, Ryanair upped their social media game.

The outspoken approach was witty, pithy and wry and earned the airline tens of thousands of engagements, as they took aim at the PM and wider government. Ryanair get the tone right with this one - pulling punches in a humorous way but in a way that accurately captures the mood of the public.

How to replicate
Knowing whether to enter into a political fray online and how to go about it as a business is down to you and how you want your brand to be perceived. Whether you go for humour or a hard line stance, its a bold move. Ask yourself whether its relevant for you to comment and make sure your social media team are prepped to handle any comments and engagement you receive off the back of it.

Nike continue to spotlight both professional and grassroots community sports clubs and athletes from across the globe. The featured team in this post hail from Japan and the post celebrates a local marathon in Tokyo.

With these posts, Nike continues to feature real people who share the brand’s passion for sport and wellness. At the same time they champion global sporting communities in an inclusive way, rather than just focusing on elite performance athletes.

How to replicate
Focus on the people who use and delight in your product and services so that customers recognise you as a brand which is for them and includes them.

M&S won Christmas hearts on social media in the week leading up to Christmas announcing on Instagram its store colleagues, customer care team and social media team would be offline and at home with their families until December 27th.

Like 2020  when supermarkets opted out of trading Boxing Day to give their teams chance to regroup, M&S went for a similar approach for Christmas 2021. While contracted staff made up the hours elsewhere or could take it as leave, the foregoing of a Boxing Day sale start when down well with the public earning over 54,000 likes for the business.

How to replicate
People continue to look to businesses to show they treat their colleagues, especially those on the front lines, fairly. Make sure you are showing up for and championing your people.


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