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Duty Management

Cut supply chain costs and get help navigating the trade landscape with Falsum.


Our parent company Bira has partnered with Faslum to provide members who import some or all of their stock, with a solution to review and recover overpaid duties. 


ACT members will receive a discount to Duty Management Tool.


What is the Duty Management Tool (DTM)


The Duty Management Tool (DMT) from Falsum Labs is a purpose-designed online platform designed to quickly identify overpaid Border Taxes and process reclaims in a unified, streamlined process. 


The tool presents unique insights into a Trader’s Border Tax exposure, displaying:


  • Overpaid Customs Duty & Import VAT
  • Unclaimed Preferential-Tariff Rates
  • Free-Trade Agreement (FTA) Utilisation
  • Additional costs of 3rd-Party Duty Deferment schemes


Through the DMT, overpayments are identified and automatically handed over to our ‘Duty Management Portal‘. Within the Portal, Traders will be able to upload evidence to support individual Duty Reclaims, with the support of dedicated Falsum Labs experts.


Falsum Labs will provide all HMRC Reclaim correspondence and manage the HMRC triage process until all Duty overpayments are returned to the Trader’s bank.


Pricing for the Duty Management Tool


Falsum is offering a 100% discount to Bira members on the DMT service fees, meaning you’ll only need to pay for your HMRC Data expenses at checkout, which will save you £900.


The  fees for the DTM are as follows (figures based on 12 months of data (e.g. Jan 23-Dec 23): 


Standard price: 12mo * £75.00 + £20.00 = £1,140.00 excl. VAT

ACT member price: 12mo * £00.00 + £20.00 = £240.00 excl. VAT


The coupon members with access to the analytics services for 100% discount on advisory fees.


How to access the code


This service is available to all silver and gold ACT members.


To get your code call 01273 427 700 or email