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12 Dec 2022

New research published by Cycling Scotland has shown that saving money is a key motivator for people taking up cycling. The study, which tracks changes in attitudes towards cycling in Scotland...

7 Dec 2022

During a tough economic climate with significant challenges for retailers, the Daily Telegraph has named 15 high streets around the country that it says, “retain a healthy selection of...

30 Nov 2022

Cycling UK has published its annual 100 Women in Cycling 2022 list celebrating inspirational women in cycling.

30 Nov 2022

Cycling in London has increased by 40% since the start of the pandemic, including a near-doubling of journeys by bike at the weekend, according to the newly published annual Travel in London...

29 Nov 2022

The Business Secretary, Grant Shapps, has announced that businesses are to be given a further two years to apply new product safety marking.

29 Nov 2022

A new survey of 2,000 British cyclists, which is part of a wider European report, claims that only just over a quarter of people in the UK think their local cycling infrastructure has improved...

28 Nov 2022

VOLT announces its new insurance collaboration with LAKA, three-time winners of the Best Cycle Insurance Provider category at the Insurance Choice Awards and pioneers of the ‘collective...

24 Nov 2022

According to a new survey, Cambridge is the best in the country for independent shopping to support small businesses. The study found that many of the city's small businesses turned out to be...

22 Nov 2022

Groups of independent retailers in York are to receive a £25,000 funding boost to help with promotion during the Christmas trading period and to attract more customers in 2023.

21 Nov 2022

Shop owners in Earlsfield, Wandsworth are teaming up in the run-up to keep the high street busy in the run-up to Christmas. With the cost-of-living crisis affecting independent shops, the...

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Study names UK’s best and worst cities for retail customer service

Posted on in Business News , Cycles News

A new study, by careers experts, StandOut CV, claims to have identified the best and worst cities in the UK for customer service by highlighting the frequency of positive and negative comments left by customers in each city. The study analysed 784,444 customer reviews from Google Maps.

The analysis reviewed a variety of industries which included B&Bs, barbers, bars, cafés, gyms, hairdressers, restaurants, shops and supermarkets to reveal how many times positive and negative phrases were used.

Looking at retail businesses, the data revealed the best-reviewed city for retail customer service to be Wells in Somerset, with 9.3% of reviews posting positive comments about their customer service. York was rated the second best, with 8.4% of the city’s reviews containing positive customer feedback.

 Top 10 cities for positive customer feedback in retail:
1.    Wells (9.3%)
2.    York (8.4%)
3.    Truro (8.2%)
4.    Ripon (8.2%)
5.    Ely (7.3%)
6.    Chichester (7.2%)
7.    Winchester (6.9%)
8.    Salisbury (6.7%)
9.    Manchester (6.5%)
10.    Chester (6.5%)

Cities that performed less well in their retail customer service were led by Leicester, with 3.25% of its retail business reviews containing various negative customer comments.

Top 10 cities for negative customer feedback in retail:
1.    Leicester (3.25%)
2.    Westminster (2.91%)
3.    Southampton (2.90%)
4.    Bradford (2.86%)
5.    Birmingham (2.85%)
6.    Manchester (2.53%)
7.    Oxford (2.53%)
8.    Bristol (2.34%)
9.    Nottingham (2.30%)
10.    Cambridge (2.27%)

Cities providing the best customer service in the UK

When looking at the overall data, which considers retail businesses as well as many others, the study found Wells in Somerset had the highest percentage of positive customer comments, relative to the city’s overall total, with 26.9% of reviews mentioning any of the positive customer service phrases analysed in the study. Ripon in North Yorkshire came next (20.7%), followed by Chichester (19.9%).

Customer Services best cities

The city of Westminster had the highest overall proportion of customer service reviews where 2.42% of business reviews contained negative comments from customers, followed by London (2.41%), and Birmingham (2.3%).

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