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4 Sep 2023

ACT member & Cytech-accredited Highway Cycles, Hertfordshire’s largest independent bike and e-bike specialist, has opened a new shop in Bishop’s Stortford.

24 Aug 2023

Volatility in the cycle insurance market that has resulted in most insurers backing away from the UK cycling industry owing to poor claims performance has led the ACT, through its appointed...

24 Aug 2023

Cytech training provider Spokes People were recently asked by the Afghan National Team if they could suggest any way for them to be supported mechanically at the UCI World Championships in...

22 Aug 2023

Cities across the country are following the lead of the Mayor of London, and ULEZ (Ultra Low Emissions Zone), by implementing their own measures to reduce carbon produced by combustion engines.

22 Aug 2023

Journeys made using Transport for London’s (TfL) cycle hire scheme this year are at their lowest in a decade, with the organisation blaming recent bad weather as a potential cause.

21 Aug 2023

The manager of ACT Gold Member Pedal Revolution in Norwich has demonstrated the strength of the cycling community, after rallying support for a local cyclist who had to sell his four bikes to...

21 Aug 2023

A report in Cycling Industry News says that 60% of Fix Your Bike vouchers that were issued during the peak Covid lockdown period were redeemed at smaller bike shops and...

10 Aug 2023

One in five UK consumers (20%) prefer using mobile payment services such as Apple Pay over cash (17%) or chip & PIN card payments (10%) for in-store purchases, a new survey has reported.

9 Aug 2023

Fully funded training for school and college leavers is available for the Cycle Maintenance Apprenticeship for those under 19 years of age at the start of the apprenticeship.

9 Aug 2023

ACT Gold Member Luchos, which has pioneered a new energy block for cyclists and endurance athletes that acts as a natural alternative to energy drinks and gels ladened...

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Whistler Adventure School becomes the only centre in Canada accredited to offer Cytech technical three

Posted on in Business News , Cycles News

Cytech, the internationally recognised training and accreditation scheme for bicycle technicians, has announced that Whistler Adventure School (WAS), a private career training institution in Whistler, British Columbia, has become the only centre in Canada accredited to offer Cytech technical three.

Bike mechanicThe course is being offered by WAS as an elective element of its Mountain Sport Technician Diploma Program. Designed to cater to the growing demand for skilled technicians in the ever-evolving world of cycling technology, this advanced-level program equips participants with a comprehensive knowledge of and hands-on experience in maintaining and repairing cutting-edge cycling equipment.

Shelley Quinn, General Manager at Whistler Adventure School, says:

We believe in empowering individuals to pursue their passions while providing them with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in their chosen fields. Whether they are an outdoor enthusiast, a tech-savvy individual, or someone seeking a unique educational experience, we have something extraordinary to offer. The fact that we are now the only location in Canada offering Technical one, two and three from Cytech training will add enormously to the service we can provide our students.

Cytech technical three is designed for advanced cycle mechanics with strong technical knowledge and experience working on high-end bicycles and equipment. Having already been delivering the suspension module from the syllabus, successful students will have reliably demonstrated the ability to understand how suspension works and be able to translate this knowledge to different brands/models of suspension systems.

With the full course students will now additionally be able to explain how manufacturers design advanced wheels, build and lace an advanced wheel (road or mountain bike), understand how hydraulic brakes work and translate this knowledge to different brands/models of road and mountain bike systems, perform a variety of bleed processes, install calliper pistons and seals, understand how electronic gear systems work, diagnose Shimano Di2 and SRAM AXS systems, and set up an electronic gear system to specific rider preferences.

These advanced skills are designed to enhance their expertise as a cycle mechanic, allowing them to confidently handle high-end bicycles and provide top-notch service to discerning riders.

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