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5 Aug 2021

Now in its ninth year, Cycle to Work Day is the UK's leading one-day commuting event. The idea is simple - to  celebrate everyday cycling.

5 Aug 2021

Part 2 of the summer series looks at how the ACT works closely with the Independent Retailers Confederation (IRC) to become even more influential in meeting the needs of independent retail.

4 Aug 2021

Whether you ride foWhether you ride for pleasure, sport or just to get from A to B, join Cycling UK for free insurance, legal cover and more.

29 Jul 2021

Part 1 of the ACT summer series looks at the rapid expansion of Cytech in the UK.

29 Jul 2021

Social media is a busy world, and the past week has been no different. Maybe* have pulled together some of the top, recent headlines. Read on to discover the Olympiad emojis and live stream...

29 Jul 2021

The IRC are seeking urgent input from members impacted by the rule changes  on 1st Julyto provide us with valuable information we can present to Government.

23 Jul 2021

Get involved early with one of the latest innovations in indoor cycling

22 Jul 2021

During the Maybe* monthly masterclass you'll discover each month which bike shops have had the most social media engagement and why - catch up on last week's now.

21 Jul 2021

The ACT plans to engage with the DfTon this plan to support its development and implementation. as well as disussing opportunities that it may present for the cycling industry.

21 Jul 2021

The report announces a new National High Streets Day to celebrate clean streets, the extension of pavement licence measures for a further 12 months and a £150m Community Ownership Fund...

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Free Whitepaper: How the retail sector can survive and thrive post-pandemic

Posted on in Business News , Cycles News , Creative News

As the retail industry once again dusts itself off in preparation for a post-pandemic world, for many there are now more questions than answers about what the future of retail will hold.

Armed with research data from Maybe*, a panel of retail industry experts have collaborated to create this whitepaper with one goal - to help businesses thrive in this new era of uncertainty.

Now is the time to create new partnerships, develop new interesting offers and above all, to "not waste a good crisis".


Download the free whitepaper: How the Retail Sector Can Survive & Thrive Post-Pandemic


Whitepaper overview . .

Working from home since the start of the first lockdown in March 2020 has forced everyone to be and think more local. That has proven to be a massive opportunity for local retailers to raise their awareness to people in their local communities and there is evidence that people have enjoyed that local connection. So, as the retail sector emerges from the pandemic, the renewed value on localism and local service is likely to endure.

But there remain other challenges and opportunities both in the way physical destinations operate - not least, the relationship between landlords and tenants; how bricks and mortar retailers deploy technology to better effect; and achieving a closer relationship and understanding between retailers and their customers. There is a need incubate new ideas and new retailers to bring them into the High Street and to help them navigate those difficult first couple of years to establish a business model that helps them to operate.

Research conducted by Maybe* highlighted that retailers that are trading most successfully through COVID, aren't really talking about COVID. Take Primark as an example. There is very little mention of the pandemic across their social channels, instead the retailer favours positive messaging. This strategy has resulted in endless queues on re-opening and an army of new, loyal customers.

Within the whitepaper, our panel of sector experts recognise that things need to change, businesses must adapt. This is the time to create new partnerships, develop new interesting offers and above all, to not waste a good crisis. Download the report now to discover how.

Get started with Maybe*

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