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15 Jun 2022

It is important that retailers read the document and familiarise themselves with industry standards to ensure they are creating a safe, informed space for consumers to shop and obtain credit.

9 Jun 2022

A campaign that independent retailers across sectors and throughout the country can use to promote their own businesses online and in their own communities.

9 Jun 2022

Richardsons Cycles are asking for the public’s help to cycle the distance from Scarborough to Kyiv, a whopping 1320 miles! All money raised will be going to the DEC’s Ukraine...

26 May 2022

For 2022 Local Bike Shop Day introduced an entirely new voting function, allowing customers to show their appreciation and loyalty for their favourite bike shop! The winning shop that attained...

26 May 2022

Key recommendations from the survey results include universal rollout of fully accessible cycle infrastructure, including parking and storage, rapid implementation of policies that will make...

26 May 2022

Cyber risk is now present in most business operations and business owners are beginning to understand that you do not need to be a digital business to be exposed to cyber risks, only digitally...

19 May 2022

Our research found agreement that a minimum OST threshold could help to rebalance the burden of tax across the industry, generate revenue to reduce business rates for smaller businesses,...

19 May 2022

As part of their support for Local Bike Shop Day, Cyclescheme ran a competition for the local bike shop with the most social media noise, with the chance to win a £150 Restaurant Choice...

19 May 2022

In a ceremony held in Leipzig, Germany, the largest gathering of transport ministers in the world will see current president, Morocco, hand over the reins to UK Transport Secretary Grant...

16 May 2022

Millions of people across the country will benefit from cleaner air and cheaper ways to travel and keep active, thanks to £200 million of government funding for new walking and cycling...

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HUDJO: Attracting cyclists to your business

Posted on in Business News , Cycles News

You can offer a bike parking service via the HUDJO app and attract more customers to your business.


Owners could use bikes for thousands of local journeys every day, but they don’t know where to safely park them.


Being a HUDJO host puts your business on the bike parking map. You give cyclists a secure place to park and the app makes the whole transaction easy.


45% of people are unwilling to use a bike if there is no secure parking at their destination ("Bike Week 2020 - Bike Parking and the Bottom Line - YouTube." 24 Sep. 2020)


HUDJO helps fix this problem by encouraging customers to pedal directly to your door. All you need is the HUDJO app, a smart device, and a dry and secure space to park bikes.


To park two bikes, you really don’t need much space at all. Some of our hosts use their store cupboard!



 Now you’re a HUDJO host, you will attract cyclists to park their bikes with you, increasing your revenue through bike parking and increased footfall.


Give your customers peace of mind. Knowing their bike is secure, they are more relaxed and spend more time and more money with you.


Road traffic congestion makes car journeys slow and high streets unattractive. So, when cyclists open up the HUDJO app and see your business on the map, they can avoid the traffic and cycle straight to your door.


Cyclists from out of town, day tripping or just passing through, will find your location through the app and park with you.


How does it work?


  1. You choose the number of parking spaces and the times they are available


  1. Cyclists check-in via the app for anything from a few minutes to a full day


  1. Your staff manage the checking in and out process using the HUDJO app


  1. The parking payment is made in-app via Stripe and you receive your revenue at the end of each month



Contact HUDJO founder David Gamble to find out more.


David Gamble, Founder

+44 (0) 7815 901150

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