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6 Apr 2022

According to Cycling UK, business booms by 30% when people cycle to the high street. But they need somewhere to park. You can attract cyclists directly to your door by offering secure bike...

31 Mar 2022

Each week Maybe* round up the best social media posts from across the UK. See who's coming...

31 Mar 2022

Cytech is going from strength to strength with an ever-increasing number of expansions both in the UK and abroad. 2020-21 were exceptional years with 3 locations opening, and now with the new...

24 Mar 2022

Retailers have until 1st April to sign up on the Local Bike Shop Day website and receive a physical pack in the post to help them promote their business on the day and drive footfall into their...

24 Mar 2022

As online and digital payments have continued to grow in popularity over the past few years, unfortunately so does the risk of fraud. SCA intends to combat this risk by providing a more secure...

24 Mar 2022

Shop owners can now experience the full capabilities of Hubtiger without having to connect to a POS system.

24 Mar 2022

This briefing outlines the most relevant announcements for the cycling sector gathered by the ACT through our involvement in the

23 Mar 2022

Being a HUDJO host puts your business on the bike parking map. You give cyclists a secure place to park and the app makes the whole transaction easy.

23 Mar 2022

The evening of Tuesday 15th March marked the launch of Fully Charged Guildford, with 100 people coming to the...

17 Mar 2022

Bristol City Council has set aside funding for businesses, charities and social enterprises to encourage use of Bristol's vacant commercial property

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The best social media posts for December from across the UK

Posted on in Business News , Cycles News

There's so much to be learned from the success (or lessons) of others, particularly when it come to the ever-moving landscape of social media. So, every week Maybe* dig through all the data to find the best social media posts. They find this by either using our super clever tech to analyse post engagements based upon likes, comments and shares or every now and again, they just shout out brands that they've come across who are doing things a little differently.

Take a look at the best social media posts Maybe* have rounded up through December and see what you can learn and implement for your own business. Use the takeaway to shape your strategy and watch your engagement grow, your sentiment soar and so much more.


As December started, so did the annual rush of brands launching social media advent calendar reveals and contests. Fatface, Boots and Holland and Barrett are all offering customers the chance to win prizes on a daily basis. But Joules are leading in the engagement stakes.

With daily content that offers customers a chance to win festive favourites and therefore racking up engagement, it will be difficult for businesses to cut through in the #christmas conversation online organically so you must offer something regular and compelling.

Joules post a video to Instagram each day announcing the day's prize supported by clear and concise entry requirements. It's a simple and replicable approach that offers customers many chances to win, while the daily mechanic means customers will come back for more.

How can you replicate this technique?

If you are running a competition consider offering multiple or small prizes to begin with, and then work up to a big jackpot of goodies. Keep instructions clear, and make sure that followers know there will be another chance to win the next day to keep them coming back for more.



Aldi's caterpillar character, Cuthbert, has had a busy year. After being put on trial by M&S in his cake incarnation earlier this year, he narrowly escaped jail time and is back in time for Christmas. This time Cuthbert's come over all cuddly and has a starring role in Aldi's Christmas TV campaign.

Aldi's campaign has got people talking in a similar way to John Lewis. But it's playful and accessible edge which does not take itself too seriously has landed social media humour at its best, and captured people's imaginations.

John Lewis may be seen as the Christmas campaign frontrunners, but Aldi and indeed Cuthbert put the supermarket as a contender to watch this year and beyond.

How can you replicate this technique?

You might not have an iconic or recognisable character of your own, but there's no reason you can't replicate this technique. Could you play your own version of Elf on the Shelf in store and record daily social media content? Do you have a specific Christmas product you could introduce every day. Just have fun with it.


There are more best social media posts to come throughout the month, so watch this space for great examples of social media mastery with great tips and takeaways to improve your social media results. In the meantime why not use Maybe* to check out the best social media posts near you?


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