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30 Oct 2023

Colchester has introduced an electric bicycle scheme in a bid to encourage short journeys without relying on cars with pay-as-you-go electric cargo bikes now available to hire.

30 Oct 2023

A new academic study has concluded that riding a bike, rather than driving a car, is positively associated with “orientation towards the common good”.

30 Oct 2023

The government has confirmed it has no plans for cyclists to be subject to compulsory registration.

30 Oct 2023

A few years ago Charlotte Florence’s dream trip to Costa Rica quickly turned into a nightmare after a quad bike crash, leaving her paralysed face down in the jungle.

18 Oct 2023

Hubtiger, a leading cloud-based repair and rental management software, announces an expansion of its services with the release of a new feature: Long-Term Rentals.

17 Oct 2023

A survey of 1,038 work commuters (363 urban bike commuters and 675 non-biking commuters) in the US conducted by  has explored if there’s a difference in the mindsets and...

16 Oct 2023

Thousands more people will start cycling, or be given support to cycle more, thanks to a new £4 million funding boost for Cycling UK’s Big Bike Revival programme.

16 Oct 2023

Cytech accredited ACT member MTB Monster, a mountain bike specialist near Blackburn, which has seen rapid growth of its team and expansion of its physical space, is working with Lancashire...

16 Oct 2023

Consumer safety charity Electrical Safety First has called again for e-bikes, e-scooters and their batteries to be better regulated in the UK after New York City recently introduced rules that...

10 Oct 2023

Flexi Voucher lets customers spread tax-free shopping over the year

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gogeta launches industry first 'flexi voucher'

Posted on in Business News , Cycles News

Flexi Voucher lets customers spread tax-free shopping over the year

gogeta & ACT

gogeta, the new tax-free cycling platform that offers a better deal for retailers and bigger savings for customers, has today announced the launch of Flexi Voucher, an industry first solution that lets customers decide how, when and where to spend their tax-free money.

With legacy schemes such as Cyclescheme and Halfords, customers apply for a voucher which then must be redeemed in one store, in one transaction. If they don’t spend the full voucher amount that day, customers lose the remaining balance, but still have to pay for the full amount in the hire agreement. This is stressful for customers and prevents them from spending their money how they choose. 

With gogeta’s Flexi Voucher, customers apply for a voucher as normal….but when it arrives, it has flexible superpowers and can be used multiple times until balance is fully drawn. So, customers can buy a bike from one retailer, a helmet from another and when the weather turns a few months later, stock up on lights and waterproof clothing. All from the same voucher.

It also means cyclists who may not want another bike, but do want parts, clothes or accessories can take advantage of tax free cycling, and not be locked into buying everything at once.

gogeta’s mission is to make buying through the cycle to work scheme a delight, passing on bigger savings to customers and fairer deal for retailers. gogeta is the only cycle to work scheme that has been endorsed by the Association of Cycle Traders due to its super low commission (just 3% versus 10% Cyclescheme). Since it launched over 150 independent bike retailers have signed up, including Sigma Sports, Balfe’s Bikes and The Electric Bike Shop.

Barry Scott, founder of gogeta said:

“Cycle to work has been around since 1999. Not much has changed since then. The last big innovation was from getting a paper voucher in the post, to drum roll, getting an email voucher instead. That’s why we’re so excited about the Flexi Voucher. For the first time customers won’t feel pressurised to spend everything all in one go. We think this is great for retailers as we’re confident it will ultimately mean customers spending more over the year. For too long cycle to work schemes have been riddled with compromise. Flexi Voucher brings us a big step closer to our mission of delivering the best possible retail experience for cyclists, that just happens to be tax-free.”

To find out more visit gogeta.

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