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21 Oct 2021

A recent article featured in Forbes has advised independent retailers to plan ahead this Christmas, especially with regard to e-commerce, stock quantities and COVID restrictions.

19 Oct 2021

The FCA have recently announced significant increases in their base ratefees that will have an unfavourable effect, particularly on smaller independent retailers.

19 Oct 2021

This is the £200 threshold that determines the response by the police, and theft below this level does not always merit a police visit and offenders can plead guilty by post.

18 Oct 2021

#BikeIsBest,the cycle industry campaign supported by leading brands, retailers, organisations and cycling advocacy groups, has launched its latest campaign: When more people cycle,...

18 Oct 2021

Cycling Industry News has announced the launch of its 2022 Market Data drive and once again invites UK-based independent bike retailers to participate.

14 Oct 2021

Originally due to end on 31 December 2021, it has since been announced (4th October 2021) that the scheme has been extended until March 2022.

13 Oct 2021

Cytech continues to be in record-breaking demand as it now sees the highest ever number of technicians certified within one month in September 2021 - with over 115 in the UK alone!

13 Oct 2021

According to UK Finance, 'The new £100 limit is designed to balance security, convenience and consumer demand."

11 Oct 2021

With current incentives andfunding grants in place employers taking on new apprentices could receive up to £4,000 per apprentice.

11 Oct 2021

Your Business Journey to Net Zero, is a series of locally focused virtual events, designed to help small businesses who want to play theirpart in climate change, but don't know where is best...

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How can IOSS be used to simplify trading with the EU?

Posted on in Business News , Cycles News , Political News

Joincontainer tax compliance company Avalara for a webinar as they cover IOSS & selling into the EU, on Thursday 30th September at 11am.

The ACT and ActSmart work closely with other members of the Independent Retailers Confederation (IRC) to develop and share best practice among associations and their members engaged in the independent retail sector.

Following a meeting between the IRC and Paul Scully MP, Business Minister, a solution was identified for independent businesses meeting barriers when exporting to the EU.

This session is designed to help you understand the new EU VAT reforms and simplify your EU VAT compliance process.

  • EU VAT Reforms
  • What is IOSS?
  • IOSS Process flow
  • Benefits of IOSS
  • How Avalara can help simplify trading in the EU


Matthew Harrison - Director, Avalara

With nearly 10 years experience within the tax space, Matthew Harrison is one of Avalara's top VAT solutions specialists. Having worked as both a Senior Tax Manager and a Consultant, Matthew has both the in-depth VAT knowledge twinned with a unique perspective to understand the impact tax changes have on businesses.


How you'll benefit from Avalara:

  • Access to Avalara's team of indirect tax experts who are recognised as one of the fastest-growing and most trusted names in tax compliance.
  • Insight into tax legislation changes and thought leadership content.
  • Guidance on how to approach compliance and optimise processes when selling internationally.

Taxamo Assure platform

Alternatively, for low volume sales, there is also the Taxamo Assure platform, where a business pays the VAT due and £2.00 per order processed, most companies are now including all or part of the £2.00 fee within the shipping costs to reduce losses and to ensure they are still able to supply their European customers.

The solution is simple, and the only charge is when you make a sale: The IOSS VAT Terminal allows you to make EU Order VAT payments quickly and easily without having to integrate into your website or pay an expensive fixed monthly management fee. It is an online service you login to each time you have an EU order.

Once setup you enter basic order details (order value, shipping cost and product list, see below) and the Terminal calculates any VAT due and allows you to pay it directly to the EU. This then gives you an IOSS number for customs data so that your orders can be delivered duty paid, avoiding delays and additional charges a customer may face.

Mat, from GCA Member Dean Morris Cards, is very happy to talk to business's about this, and is able to set them up with this system. For more information and to contact Mat visit the demo site


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