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27 Sep 2021

Northern Ireland's high street voucher scheme is now open to everyone aged 18 and over to apply online for a £100 "spend local" card to use inshops before the end of November.

23 Sep 2021

HM Treasury has published a progress update on its Plan for Jobs as well as a record £650 billion infrastructure investment

22 Sep 2021

The report focuses on what the Government should consider including in their upcoming second Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy (CWIS) to harness the wider positive work already being...

21 Sep 2021

Selling electric scooters without clear warnings is breaking the law, according to minister

16 Sep 2021

There's so much to be learned from the success (or lessons) of others, particularly when it come to the ever-moving landscape of social media. So, every week Maybe* dig through all the data...

15 Sep 2021

Read which lucky bike shops and customers were chosen to receive Local Bike Shop Day prizes

14 Sep 2021

Green Streetis a guide to helping smaller retailers & hospitality businesses work together to slash their carbon footprint and become more sustainable as quickly as possible.

13 Sep 2021

Local Bike Shop Day 2021, administered by the Association of Cycle Traders (ACT), was supported by a record number of cycling organisations and bike shops

9 Sep 2021

Join tax compliance company Avalara for a webinar as they cover IOSS & selling into the EU, on Thursday 30th September at 11am.

6 Sep 2021

Gary Spengler, the previous owner of Butterworth Spengler, will be riding between 4th to 12th September to complete over 970 miles for a worthy cause

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EU Parliament decides on no mandatory insurance and plate for e-bikes

Posted on in Business News , Cycles News

Thebikee European Parliament and Council have reached a provisional agreement to exclude e-bikes from insurance obligations. It is part of complete set of rules to better protect road accident victims.

This provisional agreement runs completely separate from the recommendations of the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) which were published last March. They carried out the study on behalf of the European Commission on the safety of Personal Mobility Devices. The TRL then advised to keep e-bikes outside the scope of the next EU Type Approval legislation. Currently this EU Type Approval is applicable on speed-pedelecs and come with, among them, a license plate and insurance.

No over-regulation

"This is good news from the European Parliament for the bicycle industry," said CONEBI chairman Erhard Buchel responding on the announcement.

EU Parliament rapporteur Dita Charanzova said: "It was high time to clarify motor insurance rules, so that Europeans are better protected and treated equally in the EU when accidents occur and when insuring their vehicles. With this political agreement we have additionally managed to curb absurd over-regulation for e-bikes and some other categories like motorsports."

Following steps

The deal will now have to be formally approved by Parliament and Council. Once approved, the directive will enter into force 20 days after its publication in the EU Official Journal. The new rules will start to apply 24 months after the entry into force.

Mandatory insurance or not?

The question whether or not to implement a Europe wide mandatory e-bike insurance has been discussed more often in recent history. In January 2020 the EU Parliament voted against a European Commission's proposal to include e-bikes EU Motor Insurance Directive after a strong lobby of industry stakeholders and the ECF.


UK e-bike sales value hits 23% of total 

A new Mintel report conducted alongside 2,000 UK consumers suggests that electric bike sales rose to represent nearly a quarter of cycle sales value in 2020, while the number of people expected to buy a bike or e-bike in the next 12 months remains on the rise.

The subject of whether demand will sustain as the world works its way through the pandemic is on all in the industry's mind at present and the Mintel research has the figure at 42% of people who intend to make the investment in the coming year, versus 37% who said the same in 2020.

The findings in the report do run at odds in parts with industry research on valuations, which are based on e-commerce sales data rather than consumer surveys. Nonetheless, Mintel writes that it believes the value of the UK bicycle market rose by around 44% to reach nearly £1.2 billion in 2020, up from £825 million in 2019. Meanwhile, the Bicycle Association‘s data concludes that £1 billion was added in 2020, taking the total value to £2.31 billion. It added that bicycle sales alone surpassed £1 billion for the first time in recent datasets.


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