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18 Oct 2021

#BikeIsBest,the cycle industry campaign supported by leading brands, retailers, organisations and cycling advocacy groups, has launched its latest campaign: When more people cycle,...

22 Sep 2021

The report focuses on what the Government should consider including in their upcoming second Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy (CWIS) to harness the wider positive work already being...

15 Sep 2021

Read which lucky bike shops and customers were chosen to receive Local Bike Shop Day prizes

1 Sep 2021

In celebration of Local Bike Shop Day, TfL have shared blog posts with the aim of showing new cyclists all that London has to offer.

19 Aug 2021

To celebrate Local Bike Shop Day, taking place on Saturday 28th August, Freewheel are offering customers 15% off from now until 30th August.

19 Aug 2021

The web and mobile platform, Hubtiger, has created a brand new demo video to demonstrate how cycle shops can manage all workshop operations in just one app

12 Aug 2021

Part 3 of the ACT Summer Series highlights the many benefits of offeringretail finance to your customers and our two brand new services being offered to enhance retail finance - Appointed...

9 Aug 2021

The DfT have asked for the ACT's assistance in gathering data from Cornish retailers to measure how effective Government investment in e-bikes in Cornwall would be.

6 Jul 2021

We'd love to see your support for the #BikeIsBest campaign! Send in your shop photos featuring the #BikeIsBest window sticker and/or poster to be posted on the ACT social media channels.

1 Jul 2021

The web and mobile platform, Hubtiger, is offering an exclusive webinar to ACT members to demonstrate how cycle shops can manage all workshop operations in just one app.

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Top social media cycling trends of the month

Posted on in Business News , Cycles News

Maybe* has profiled the social media performance of the ACT Gold and Silver members to compile the top 10 by social media performance.

All the top 10 see their best social media posts on Instagram.

Bike businesses use a lot of hashtags that relate to the type of bike, the brand of bike and use a lot of niche hashtags. They also make sure they tag in partners, influencers, riders, stockists and manufacturers.

The cycling community across Instagram are heavily engaged, and using the niche tags and relevant brands and influencers is important to help make content discoverable.




The cycling community do not just like a post, they are passionate contributors to a conversation and leave lots of comments.

Bike businesses should be encouraging this conversation by actively posing questions in their posts but also by ensuring they respond to all the comments and activity they receive on their posts.


bike vid 


It is common for bike businesses to use more than one image in their posts that show the bike as a full shot but also close up angles of certain features. Communicating the aesthetic, technical and performance features of a product is key.

close up 



Chain Reaction cycles are the most active, posting on average per day. They also earn the most amount of engagements per day as a result.

Trek and Specialised post less content than Chain Reaction but they see more engagement per post so the content works harder for them.

Due to the highly engaging and provoking nature of the cycling community on social media, businesses can post frequently. Most of the businesses are posting once per day, some average three times per day.

The cycling community responds well to multiple images of the same bike on a post featuring full and close up shots. Businesses could maximise engagement on these by posting them individually so they don't lose views on the sideways scroll.

This would help them reveal more over time, tease intrigue and continue to grow engagement without increasing content production efforts

Listening to and engaging in the conversations by manufacturers, influencers and relevant hashtags they are adding to their content will also help them reach new audiences within the cycling community and build relationships with them

The audience size of the top 10 members, social media activity, engagement, and best performing social media content 4th April - 9th May 2021


Total posts
Total Engagements 
Average posts per day
 Average engagements per post  

Average engagements per day

Best post
Chain reaction cycles
 43,697  15  102  
View post

View post

Specialized uk
View post
 1  1,327  
View post
 Custom Riders Portsmouth  84,898  90  9,715  3  
View post
 Orange Mountain Bikes  167,535  31  
View post
 33  7,032  
View post
Blazing Bikes
 23,250 13  6,664  <1  

View post
 Brick Lane Bikes  
 171  212  
View post
 Pinarello UK  
 1  200 200  
View post



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Find out more about the Masterclass and how Maybe* can benefit your business here .

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