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18 Aug 2021

BEIS have reached out to IRC orgs, including the ACT, to seek help getting the message across to SMEs to register interest in the scheme.

13 Aug 2021

Cycle September is a great way to engage your community, particularly local businesses, in a fun and engaging campaign that will help them achieve their health, wellness and sustainability...

12 Aug 2021

Part 3 of the ACT Summer Series highlights the many benefits of offeringretail finance to your customers and our two brand new services being offered to enhance retail finance - Appointed...

12 Aug 2021

Maybe* have collated the latest social media happenings so you can stay in the loop so read on for the latest social media news

12 Aug 2021

To make preparations as easy as possible for IBDs during this busy time the ACT have created a digital Retailer Promotional Pack that is free to download

9 Aug 2021

The DfT have asked for the ACT's assistance in gathering data from Cornish retailers to measure how effective Government investment in e-bikes in Cornwall would be.

5 Aug 2021

Now in its ninth year, Cycle to Work Day is the UK's leading one-day commuting event. The idea is simple - to  celebrate everyday cycling.

5 Aug 2021

Part 2 of the summer series looks at how the ACT works closely with the Independent Retailers Confederation (IRC) to become even more influential in meeting the needs of independent retail.

4 Aug 2021

Whether you ride foWhether you ride for pleasure, sport or just to get from A to B, join Cycling UK for free insurance, legal cover and more.

29 Jul 2021

Part 1 of the ACT summer series looks at the rapid expansion of Cytech in the UK.

Help to Grow Scheme due to launch in October - register your interest now

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BEISSalisbury high street have reached out to IRC orgs, including the ACT, to seek help getting the message across to SMEs to register interest in the scheme.

Help to Grow: Digital is a new UK-wide scheme to help up to 100,000 UK SMEs over three years to adopt digital technologies that are proven to increase firm-level productivity.   ​​

The Chancellor announced Help to Grow: Digital at Budget 2021 on 3 March and the scheme will be launched in autumn 2021. ​​

Help to Grow: Digital will offer free impartial advice and guidance via an online platform to help SMEs identify their digital technology needs, assess technology purchasing options and implement new technologies in their operations.​​

Help to Grow: Digital will also offer SMEs a voucher covering up to half of the costs of preapproved, new-to-firm digital technology solutions up to a maximum of £5,000. ​​

The voucher will be available to UK businesses with between 5 and 249 employees that have been trading for more than 12 months. ​​

The voucher will initially provide financial discounts to SMEs for digital customer relationship management, accountancy and e-commerce solutions.​​


Vision for Help to Grow: Digital

Tackling part of UK productivity gap by driving successful SME take up of productivity enhancing software

Creating opportunities for SMEs that have already adopted technology during Covid 19 to go further in their digital journey

Providing a slick customer experience that brings a fragmented technology market into one place

Improving the adoption rate of technology from the current ca. 50%.


Objectives for Help to Grow: Digital

  1. Provide Value for Money and measurable impact
  2. Tackle SME financial barriers to tech adoption
  3. Tackle SME information barriers to tech adoption
  4. Make it easy for SMEs to access advise and support
  5. Support and incentivise the existing digital technology market to better work for SMEs


For more information or to register your interest, please visit

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