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30 Jun 2022

The majority of victims of cyber crime are Small to Medium Enterprises. Ransomware attacks, fund transfer fraud, phishing, vishing and social engineering are all made far easier with employees...

29 Jun 2022

This time of year offers a great opportunity to find and recruit new apprentices, as there’s a large influx of school and college leavers looking for their next step.

28 Jun 2022

Chris Boardman named permanent National Active Travel Commissioner alongside other senior Active Travel England appointments

23 Jun 2022

Retail Finance Training (RFT) is an online learning course delivering an informed insight into Retail finance that can be completed anywhere, in your own time.

23 Jun 2022

The first ever National Cycling Show took place at the NEC, Birmingham over the weekend, with over 100 brands exhibiting including...

23 Jun 2022

With this summer and for Independents Day, especially after the last few years, it is crucial that businesses can make the most of the increased footfall of physical shoppers.

23 Jun 2022

Every month Maybe* gives one of our clients £500 to spend on social media advertising. To enter all you need to do is watch the Maybe* training videos or attend their webinars.

20 Jun 2022

The strategy outlines how the government will work with trade unions and businesses to regenerate retail and build a sustainable Wales.

16 Jun 2022

At the show Cytech will be delivering bike maintenance sessions on the Cycling 101 Stage with their training provider, Spokes People (formerly PJCS), as well as offering The Bike Clinic on stand...

16 Jun 2022

The ACT would like to make it clear at present we are not working with any card processing provider, so please ignore any that claim to be working with the ACT. In other...

Protect your business against the fastest growing crime in the UK with cyber insurance

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Cyber attacks can occur at any point in time, businesses fend off all types of cyber attacks around the clock, 24/7 365.

From insider threats, through social engineering, to phishing, malware cross site scripting cyber attacks can start anywhere at any time.
For the majority of businesses their normal working environment transformed overnight, with COVID-19 restrictions significantly increasing remote working and resulting in greater opportunities for cyber crime. No longer does a company have to just protect its business locations, there are now hundreds, even thousands of locations to protect. Even businesses created to support remote and flexible working struggled to manage the risk and exposure on such a large basis.

The majority of victims of cyber crime are Small to Medium Enterprises. Ransomware attacks, fund transfer fraud, phishing, vishing and social engineering are all made far easier with employees working remotely, combined with insecure home Wi-Fi.

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Lack of investment

The media always report the big security breaches at major well-known companies, however, SME’s are the more common victims of cyber crime and attacks.

The reason you do not hear about SME’s is that no business wants to have their reputation ruined by admitting they have been a victim of cyber crime. The Federation of Small Businesses estimates that SME’s are facing up to 10,000 attacks daily. Cyber criminals see SME’s as easy targets, even though the proceeds are less. A lot of SME’s lack awareness and resources, investment in IT security and staff training on cyber security risks.

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