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30 Jun 2021

With the recent extension to the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) enforcement date to 14th March 2022, this webinar is aimed at eMerchantsto help them understand the industry approach to...

17 Jun 2021

Join the Secretary of State for the Department for BEIS, Rt Hon Kwasi Kwarteng MP, for the next in a seriesof live panel discussions on 23rd June at 10:30 AM

16 Jun 2021

The Bank of England have released details about the new polymer £50 note featuring the mathematician Alan Turing.

16 Jun 2021

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an extra layer of protection for your account login credentials and business data.

15 Jun 2021

Rishi Sunak has rejected business demands for an extension of the furlough scheme and business rates relief, despite a four-week delay in the easing of Covid-19 restrictions now set for 19...

12 Jun 2021

Hubtiger, the software developed for bike shops has launched its latest feature to help increase income of the bike shops.

10 Jun 2021

During the Maybe* Masterclass you'll discover each month which Bike shops have had the most social media engagement and why. but we want to find a time that suits you the best. Let us know...

10 Jun 2021

The FCA have announced that they have extended the deadline for implementing Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for e-commerce transactions to 14 March 2022.

10 Jun 2021

The HomeOffice has asked businesses to take part in the Commercial Victimisation Survey (CVS)- an important survey on the nature, extent and cost of crimes against businesses in England...

10 Jun 2021

Maybe* has profiled the social media performance of the ACT Gold and Silver members to compile the top 10 by social media performance

Strong Customer Authentication UK Finance webinar

Posted on in Business News , Cycles News

Witwebinarh the recent extension to the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) enforcement date to 14th March 2022, this webinar is aimed at eMerchants to help them understand the industry approach to SCA ramp up in the UK.

The industry will be commencing SCA ramp up from 1stJune 2021 to ensure the additional time is used to ensure a smooth transition of SCA across all e-commerce transactions.

Date: 1 July 2021
Time: 10am
Duration: 1 Hour

The SCA PMO will highlight the key elements of the UK ramp up plan (Authentication and Authorisation) and principles that issuers will be working towards to achieve compliance. The SCA PMO will also touch on key items that eMerchants should consider, ensuring that they are ready for their customers when Ramp Up commences.

Key Objectives of this webinar:

  1.  Understanding what impact the UK SCA Ramp Up plan will have on transactions and the approaches being taken by card issuers from 1st June 2021
  2. Key items that eMerchants need to have considered to ensure readiness from 1st June 2021
  3. Approach taken by SCA PMO to ensure a controlled Ramp Up period with the heightened monitoring ability to respond to any issues arising
To find out more about ​Strong Customer Authentication please watch the Global Payments video here.

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