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21 Jan 2020

The Committee of the APPCG will be changing their name to the All Party Parliamentary Group for Cycling and Walking

20 Jan 2020

On the 12th November the APPCG is hosting the first ever Cycling Showcase in Parliament

20 Jan 2020

Recent findings show that over 40 per cent of shoppers areunaware that missing payments when using a Buy Now Pay Later service could harm their credit score.

15 Jan 2020

This years iceBike* will once again see The Bike Shop take up a central position to help advise retailers on POS and merchandising best...

15 Jan 2020

At £8.72 per hour, the National Living Wage will rise by 51p in April from its current rate of £8.21

10 Jan 2020

Chris Hall from the ACT explains how IBDs can use Local Bike Shop Day to stand out, run promotions and ultimately increase revenue in the latest BikeBiz issue.

17 Dec 2019

Retail Week Live is an inspirational two-day retail conference that provides leaders with the ideas, insight and networks to lead through digital transformation and win greater consumer...

12 Dec 2019

There is now less than one month remaining for UK-based independent bike shops to participate in CI.N's annual Retail Channel Study

12 Dec 2019

The UK general election is happening today on the 12th December 2019.

11 Dec 2019

The Strava "Year in Sport" report was published on Wednesday and released various statitstics about cyclists across the UK

The New Name and Committee for the APPGCW

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The Committee of the APPCG (All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group) have recently agreed that the Group's name should be changed to the more inclusive All Party Parliamentary Group for Cycling and Walking (APPGCW).

The decision was made at the AGM on the 29th of October 2019, but was not announced until January 2020 due to the Election being called.

According to the APPCG, the name was changed due to discussions of cycling issues by Government, Parliament, local authorities, the media, pressure groups and others often taking place in the context of an ‘active travel' agenda, which largely comprises of both cycling and walking.

Secondly, cycling and walking groups often have similar concerns, similar objectives, similar audiences and similar messages. The APPGCW Committee therefore decided that a standalone cycling group runs the risk of appearing somewhat anachronistic and detached from the current direction of political and policy debate. They believed it would be helpful to adopt a name that indicates greater alignment to the thinking of the key stakeholder groups and to the content of much of the debate.

Despite this, the Group has envisaged that activities will continue to be predominantly concerned with cycling issues, while also being active as appropriate on wider active travel issues, particularly when they complement the cycling agenda and/or when support and involvement is sought by other groups addressing active travel issues.

The new APPCG Committee elected last week is as follows:

Co-Chair Ruth Cadbury Lab
Co-Chair Flick Drummond Con

Secretary Matt Western Lab

Vice-Chair Feryal Clark Lab
Vice-Chair Virginia Crosbie Con
Vice-Chair Layla Moran Lib Dem
Vice-Chair Lord Young of Norwood Green Lab

Treasurer Fabian Hamilton Lab

Officer Baroness Barker Lib Dem
Officer Anneliese Dodds Lab
Officer Lillian Greenwood Lab
Officer Meg Hillier Lab
Officer Rachael Maskell Lab
Officer Lord Russell of Liverpool Crossbench
Officer Daniel Zeichner Lab

Patron Ben Bradshaw Lab
Patron Lord Berkeley Lab
Patron Lord Young of Cookham Con

The Cycling and Walking Showcase will be taking place on the 11th of February, more information about the event and how to register can be found on the ACT website.

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