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21 May 2019

The e-bike is the star player in the Netherlands, what does this mean for the cycles market?

21 May 2019

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15 May 2019

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8 May 2019

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8 May 2019

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8 May 2019

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E-bikes are becoming the leading player

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EbikeThe e-bike has become the star player in the Netherlands.

With millions invested in improving bike paths, parking and the general cycle infrastructure, Amsterdam aims to reach the target of emission-free vehicles by 2030.

What does this mean for the cycle market in the Netherlands?

The cycle market is growing and becoming more competitive by the minute with more than one million bicycles sold for the first time in four years in 2018. The e-bike has become the biggest sector of the cycling trade with four in ten new bikes sold being electrically powered in 2018. The e-bike has also contributed to a rise in the average purchase of a new bicycle, but the cycles industry in the Netherlands still feels that there is imminent growth and room for e-bikes to develop further.

What does this mean for the global cycles market?

E-bikes were a product for elderly people just two or three years ago, but there is a space in the student and commuter market to see e-bike growth furthering and taking on another demographic.

Although there is this space within the student and commuter market for e-bikes to develop, the general retail market is still reluctant towards e-bikes. The e-bike isn't taking away from the traditional cycles industry it is just opening new doors within the retail space and the cycling industry.

Learn more about the e-bike market and how the e-bike can benefit your business here.

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