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COVID-19 Updates

The ACT will be providing regular updates on the Coronavirus.

Watch this space for the latest information and advice tailored for retail businesses operating in the cycle sector.

The ACT have been working with partner members of the Independent Retailers Confederation (IRC) to bring you the most up to date retail focussed advice, particular credit is due to the Association of Convenience Stores, our leading IRC political advocacy partner, for their input.


Change to Covid-19 self-isolation period

Published 17th January

The UK Government has announced that the self-isolation period for positive cases of Covid-19 will be reduced from seven days to five full days in England.

Self-isolation can now finish on after day five of isolation, provided that a negative test result is received on days five and six. The self-isolation period in Scotland is currently seven days from when symptoms show and seven days in Wales.

Welsh Government First Minister Mark Drakeford MS has also announced an easing of restrictions. From tomorrow, limits on attendees at outdoor events will be increasing, and as of next week limits on all outdoor activities will be removed. It is expected that the following week Wales will move to level 0 restrictions for both indoor and outdoor events, subject to case numbers continuing to decrease.

Changes to Covid-19 testing measures

Published 7th January

Changes to Covid-19 testing measures have been introduced to reduce demands for PCR testing.

Individuals returning a positive result on a lateral flow device no longer need to complete a PCR test and should instead immediately self-isolate. This has already come into effect in Scotland and Wales and will be in place in England from 11th January.

The Prime Minister also announced that workers in critical sectors, including those who work in critical national infrastructure, national security, transport, and food distribution and processing will be receiving lateral flow testing kits directly to their business or organisation from January 10th for every working day.

Businesses included in the scheme will be contacted directly by the government to receive their daily testing kits. No changes to restrictions have been announced in any UK nations.


Covid-19 restrictions update - England, Scotland & Wales

Published 5th January

The Prime Minister provided a covid-19 statement in parliament today on the changes to covid-19 testing regulations.

The Scottish First Minister updated that no new changes to covid-19 restrictions will be introduced, however the current restrictions will be in place for at least the next week. Nicola Sturgeon MSP, informed that there will be changes made to self-isolation and testing requirements that will come into effect this week.


The Prime Minister informed the House of Commons that Plan B restrictions will continue with the continued recommendations of working from home and wearing face coverings on public transport and in indoor public settings. The Prime Minister announced that if a positive result is returned on a lateral flow device, and you do not have symptoms, you will not be required to take a PCR test anymore to confirm the result. You will be required to immediately isolate. This change will come into effect from 11th January.


Nicola Sturgeon MSP, announced changes to self-isolation rules to allow anyone with a positive covid-19 result to end self-isolation on day seven provided that they return two negative lateral flow test results, one on day six and one 24 hours after, and have no fever. The First Minister also informed that close contacts of a positive covid-19 case will no longer need to self-isolate but will be required to complete daily lateral flow tests for seven days. If a positive result is returned, self-isolation will be required. This only applies to fully vaccinated individuals who have also received a booster dose. Both of these self-isolation changes will come into effect from midnight tonight.

From tomorrow, following from the announcement in England, the First Minister informed that if a positive result is returned on a lateral flow device, and you do not have symptoms, you will not be required to take a PCR test anymore to confirm the result. You will be required to immediately isolate.

The First Minister informed that restrictions on large gatherings and the requirement for distancing between groups of people in indoor public places will remain in effect until 17th January. The First Minister added that the government is advising people to continue limiting contact with other households and limiting indoor household interactions to a maximum of three households.


In a written statement issued today by Welsh Health Minister, Eluned Morgan MS, the Welsh government has announced that people who are un-vaccinated contacts of positive cases and are self-isolating for 10 days should now take a lateral flow test on day two and day eight instead of a PCR test. This will help to increase PCR testing capacity. This change will come into effect immediately.

Secondly, following announcements from England and Scotland, if a person showing no symptoms has a positive lateral flow test they will no longer be advised to have a follow-up PCR test to confirm the result, unless they are in a clinically vulnerable group.


No new restrictions added to Plan B measures

Published 4th January

The Prime Minister announced that there will be no new restrictions added to the current Plan B measures in place.

The current data shows that;

  • 218,724 people have tested positive for Covid-19 in the last 24 hours
  • 34,363,986 people have received their booster dose of the Covid-19 vaccine
  • Sadly, there were 48 related deaths recorded yesterday

The Prime Minister informed that the booster programme was going well and providing significant protection to the public allowing schools and businesses to stay open.

He also informed that workers in critical sectors will be receiving lateral flow testing kits directly to their business or organisation from January 10th for every working day.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) is seeking information and views on implementing a further relaxation to EU driver's hours rules for a period after 9th January 2022 in order to provide further support to driver shortages and supply disruption. We would welcome your views on this and the impact it will have on your business.

DEFRA's workforce absence survey is also open here, your response is extremely valuable.


Covid-19 Update

Published 4th January

NHS England has met its target to offer all adults a booster jab before the end of January, while the UK Health Security Agency is making almost eight million additional test kits available in pharmacies before New Year's Eve. PCR test appointments are available again to book but in high demand.

The Scottish Government is now prioritising convenience store workers for PCR tests via a tickbox function during the booking process.

The Welsh Government has updated its business guidance to reflect changes to self-isolation rules. Colleagues in Wales testing positive for Covid-19 must now self-isolate for seven days and take lateral flow tests (LFTs) on days six and seven. If either LFT is positive, they should remain in isolation until 2 negative LFTs or after day ten, whichever is sooner.

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