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COVID-19 Updates

The ACT will be providing regular updates on the Coronavirus.

Watch this space for the latest information and advice tailored for retail businesses operating in the cycle sector.

The ACT have been working with partner members of the Independent Retailers Confederation (IRC) to bring you the most up to date retail focussed advice, particular credit is due to the Association of Convenience Stores, our leading IRC political advocacy partner, for their input.


COVID-19 UK update

Published 8th April

The Government has updated its living with covid guidance, advising businesses that colleagues with Covid-19 symptoms should stay at home until they feel well enough to return to work. Colleagues with a positive Covid-19 test are advised to stay at home and avoid contact with other people for five days, while free testing kits are no longer available. The Welsh Government has removed legal requirements for face coverings to be worn in shops and self-isolation after positive Covid-19 tests. Retailers in Wales remain required to conduct Covid-19 risk assessments and implement reasonable measures to reduce the risk of transmission. Face coverings are legally required in shops in Scotland until at least 18th April.


COVID-19: Wales Update

Published 28th March

The Welsh Government has confirmed that from 28th March, it will remove the legal requirement for face coverings to be worn in store settings. It also confirmed that self-isolation requirements will become guidance, while requirements on retailers to conduct Covid-19 specific risk assessments and adopt reasonable measures to mitigate chances of transmission will remain in law. These amendments follow concerns about an increase in Covid-19 cases, hospitalisations and ICU admissions. These measures are subject to review on 14th April. The full update can be accessed here.


Covid-19: Scotland Update

Published 18th March

The Scottish Government is removing the requirement for retailers to have regard to guidance on Covid-19 from 21st March. From 18th April, asymptomatic colleagues will no longer be asked to take Covid-19 tests while colleagues with symptoms will be able to book PCR tests in the usual way until 30th April. The legal requirement to wear face coverings in shops will remain until at least early April, given recent rises in case numbers. This will be reviewed again in a fortnight with a view towards face coverings becoming recommended rather than required.


Scotland Travel Update

Published 18th March

Scotland’s foreign travel rules are ending at 4am on Friday 18 March. People arriving in Scotland from abroad will no longer need to:

  • complete a Passenger Locator Form
  • have proof of any vaccinations
  • take a COVID-19 test before travel to Scotland or book a day 2 PCR test after arriving

A ‘Covid Sense’ campaign has been developed which recognises the current stage of the pandemic both in terms of current public mind set and reflecting the changes in regulations taking place. A toolkit is available which includes a campaign overview, social media assets, posters and web banner and email signature assets.


Plan to End Welsh COVID-19 Restrictions

Published 7th March

The Welsh Government has published its long-term plan to live with coronavirus safely. The report sets out that Wales will remain at alert level zero for the next three weeks with the current level of protections in place.

If the public health situation remains stable, all legal measures around Covid-19 restrictions would be removed from 28th March. This includes the requirements around face coverings in shops and conducting Covid-19 risk assessments. These changes will be confirmed on 24th March. Face covering requirements are set to end in Scotland on 21st March while face covering and self-isolation requirements have already ended in England.


PM Statement: Living with Covid-19 Strategy 

Published 22nd February

The Prime Minister announced the Government's Living with Covid-19 strategy yesterday afternoon. The strategy, which applies to England only, confirms that the legal requirement to self-isolate following a positive COVID-19 test will be scrapped on Thursday 24th February 2022.

The Prime Minister has also set out a timetable for the end of free testing. Free COVID-19 tests will no longer be available from 1st April 2022. However, older people and the vulnerable will continue to have free access to COVID-19 tests if they are symptomatic.

The Government's Living with COVID-19 plan establishes a timetable for the expiration of all remaining coronavirus restrictions. The timetable, which can be accessed in full here, establishes some key points for retailers to note:

  • From Thursday 24th February, workers do not need to inform their employers if they are advised to self-isolate.
  • From 24th March, COVID-19 provisions in statutory sick pay will end. However, workers who have COVID-19 and are unable to come into work can claim normal sick pay.
  • From 1st April, employers will no longer be required to conduct and implement a COVID-19 risk assessment.


‘Living with covid' kicks in on 21st February

Published 11th February

The Prime Minister has confirmed plans in Parliament to outline a strategy for ‘living with covid' on 21st February. The Prime Minister also outlined intentions to end all domestic restrictions in February, a month before their legal powers expire on 24th March. This includes self-isolation rules for positive Covid-19 cases and close contacts. Laws would be replaced with guidance advising colleagues not to attend work if they contract Covid-19. The Welsh Government has set out its timetable to end Covid-19 restrictions, which includes ending the legal requirement to wear face coverings by the end of March. The Scottish Government is set to extend legal powers to require face coverings until 24th September. Separately, BEIS is encouraging retailers in distress to contact councils about accessing Covid-19 funding via the Additional Restrictions Grant. 


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