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Love to Ride

Love to Ride Bike Week 2019

What is Love to Ride?

Love to Ride is the online platform that gets more people cycling. They run quarterly events to encourage, incentivise and reward riding and encouraging. They have engaged over 415,000 people and 25,000 workplaces worldwide, helping 73,000 people to get back on their bikes. Everyone is invited, whether they ride every day or haven't been on a bike in years. Love to Ride are global leaders in behaviour change for cycling and work closely with Local and Combined Authorities, employers and advocacy groups. Find out more and register in one minute at

What are the quarterly events and when's the next one?

Love to Ride have four main events in their year-round programme; Ride to Work Week, Bike Week, Cycle September and Winter Wheelers.

Love to Ride Events

The next event is Cycle September - The Global Bike Challenge, taking place throughout the whole month of September. More information about the event can be found on their website here.

How does it benefit local bike shops?

Love to Ride recognise the importance of local bike shops to strong cycling communities. In 2018 they put £40,000 into the tills of local bike shops and wherever they are funded to deliver local programmes they work closely with local shops to promote their products and services to the community. During Bike Week in 2019, they gave away £2,500 of local bike shop vouchers.

How can you get involved?

You can promote Love to Ride events through your channels. This will give your existing customers a platform through which to encourage their friends, family and colleagues to ride, and more people on bikes is good for all of us. Also, if people have heard about Love to Ride from you, they are more likely to name you as their preferred local bike shop if they win a prize voucher. If there's a local Love to Ride site in your area, you can arrange to provide discounted servicing to participants in return for promotion to Love to Ride's database. They are keen to collaborate in new and interesting ways and would love to hear from you - get in touch with them through the Contact Us page at the bottom of their website:

Promotional materials

To aid in promotion Love to Ride have a selection of posters, flyers and social media resources that you can make use of to encourage more people to get on their bikes. These can be found on their website here.