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Disclaimer for Fitting Car Racks

Fitting of Car Racks

You should be aware that if you, the retailer, fits a strap-on car rack to a customer's vehicle, you could be liable. There are no guidelines from the car industry or from U.K. importers of cycle racks, beyond that of the fitting instructions.

The ACT Board has had a disclaimer notice drawn up by a solicitor. When used properly, this would seriously weaken a customer claim against you, but will not necessarily immunise you from any litigation.

This is a set of guidelines that will help protect you:

1. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions.

2. Insist the customer signs the disclaimer notice before you demonstrate the rack on the vehicle. Keep the signed copy of th e notice for at least one year.

3.Always remove the cycle carrier after you have fitted it and invite the customer to refit it.

4.Ensure all staff are fully trained and familiar with your range of car racks.

5.Only allow staff who have received training to assist customers in the selection process.


Disclaimer Notice

We do not have information from your vehicle manufacturer that the cycle rack that you wish us to fit is suitable. We recommend that you contact the vehicle manufacturer before we fit the rack for that purpose. In the absence of this

information we will fit the cycle rack in what appears to be the most appropriate manner for your vehicle and following any instructions provided with the rack. In that case, we cannot guarantee that the rack will not cause damage to your vehicle and operate satisfactorily in all situations. We cannot agree to be responsible for any loss or damage to your property or that of any other person.

If you are not prepared for us to fit the rack on this basis, then we will not proceed.