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Cycle Hire Operations Manual - Appendix

This is not an exhaustive list and should not prevent you from using existing documents that already work well for your business. However, these are put forward as a minimum requirement and you should ensure that the principles covered are included somewhere in your paperwork.

1. Hire terms and conditions

These will vary considerably from business to business, but the common elements are listed below:

  • Definition of terms
  • Booking contract
  • Deposit and identity requirements
  • Age limits and restrictions on hirers
  • Cancellations and related charges
  • Hire period, collection and return
  • Prices and payment facilities
  • Insurance cover (optional or included)
  • Safety rules
  • Accidents and recovery procedure
  • Hirer's unclaimed property
  • Complaints procedure
  • Pets policy
  • Disputes and jurisdiction

2. Customer Log

This is the basic information that should be held for each customer although more comprehensive ones can be used. This example has the bare minimum of information that should be recorded to satisfy the handover quality audit trail.

  • Date
  • Full name & address of main hirer or group leader
  • Full names of all members in hire party
  • Address of local holiday accommodation
  • Details of cycle
  • Details of ancillary equipment
  • Car registration
  • Mobile phone number
  • Age details of any minors in party
  • Details of parent or guardian of any minors, plus signature to say that they take full responsibility for the safety of all minors (under eighteens)
  • Time of arrival
  • Name of handover staff
  • Details of training / advice
  • Maps issued
  • Time of departure
  • Time of return
  • Returns procedure and refund of deposit

3. Riding Manual (optional)

This should be a user guide and reference manual that will inform the hirer and help them deal with any problems that may arise during their trip. A good manual will enhance the experience and increase safety whilst reducing the level of support that you and your staff will have to offer. It can be part of the hire equipment and returned to you at the end of the trip to reduce costs. In effect it will be the first line support mechanism for your customers once theyhave left your premises.

The manual is an ideal method of delivering information about local attractions, pubs and cafes as well as practical information about what to do in case of minor mechanical difficulties and safety guidelines. The core information probably need not change much from season to season, but sections which will be subject to change can be arranged so that minimal reprint runs will be required.

Section 1 Welcome to the (area) cycling experience

We hope that you enjoy your cycling trip, we have done our best to prepare your cycle thoroughly for you and trust that everything is as you would wish. However experienced you are as a cyclist, it is likely that there will be some unfamiliar features at some point so please prepare yourself by reading through the manual. If you have not been cycling before, or are returning to cycling after a long break, you have been through our handover procedure and hopefully all your questions have been answered before you set out.

Our top priority is that you enjoy yourself, so please take heed of the advice that we gave you and pay attention to any notices or signs that you come across on your journey. Please pay strict attention to the Countryside Code whenever you leave the main highway, particularly with regard to closing gates and respecting any warning notices. If you discover any really good places of interest
(or comfort) on your travels, perhaps you would make a note for us and we will share your information with
future hirers.

Finally, .............. and ................. ....................., the owners of ......................... Hire Centre sincerely hope that
you thoroughly enjoy your day and come back feeling refreshed and invigorated.

We look forward to welcoming you again in the future.

4. Bicycle riding

All the safety tips and hints plus local knowledge like steep hills or stretches of road where cars are likely to be speeding. Warnings about exceptionally rough pieces of carriageway that may damage the cycle or places simply to be avoided would be useful. Towpaths or other places that require a licence should be highlighted.

We recommend that you wear a cycle helmet at all times when riding. Do not ride if you have been drinking or taking medication that may make you drowsy. The cycle should not be ridden after dark or in bad light as it is not equipped with complying equipment.

In case of emergency please phone ........................................ for assistance

Tips on how to use emergency kit issued to group leader, for punctures etc, instructions on when to phone for assistance and recovery.

If you are unlucky enough to suffer an accident, stop and assess the situation before you do anything. Deal with any personal injuries first, then exchange names and addresses with anyone else involved. Make a brief note if possible and take photographs if feasible. Do not admit liability and report to us as soon as you can on ........................................................  

5. Quality feedback form

Thank you for choosing ............................................ for your cycle hire. We hope that you have enjoyed the experience and we would like you to tell us about it by filling in this short questionnaire. We will use this feedback to help maintain the high standards which we know are important to you.

Cycle model:

Date of hire:

Instructions received
Advice given
Staff attitude
Information given


Any addition comments you would like to make:


Thank you and we look forward to seeing you again.