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29 Jul 2021

Part 1 of the ACT summer series looks at the rapid expansion of Cytech in the UK.

29 Jul 2021

Social media is a busy world, and the past week has been no different. Maybe* have pulled together some of the top, recent headlines. Read on to discover the Olympiad emojis and live stream...

29 Jul 2021

The IRC are seeking urgent input from members impacted by the rule changes  on 1st Julyto provide us with valuable information we can present to Government.

23 Jul 2021

Get involved early with one of the latest innovations in indoor cycling

22 Jul 2021

During the Maybe* monthly masterclass you'll discover each month which bike shops have had the most social media engagement and why - catch up on last week's now.

21 Jul 2021

The ACT plans to engage with the DfTon this plan to support its development and implementation. as well as disussing opportunities that it may present for the cycling industry.

21 Jul 2021

The report announces a new National High Streets Day to celebrate clean streets, the extension of pavement licence measures for a further 12 months and a £150m Community Ownership Fund...

15 Jul 2021

This week Maybe* are introducing you to Wool Warehouse, a crafting havenfor which product is king. Here the owners share their social media tips so that you can learn from their product-led...

15 Jul 2021

Face coverings are no longer required by law but states that government expects and recommends that people continue to wear a face covering in crowed, enclosed spaces. Businesses who want to...

14 Jul 2021

The 12-week programme, which combines online sessions with face-to-face learning, is 90% funded by the Government and has been designed to allowparticipants to complete it alongside...

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Cycle to Work Day returns on Thursday 6th August with a twist

Posted on in Business News , Cycles News

C2WDNow, more than ever, we need people to cycle. The bicycle is an alternative to public transport, it reduces the risk of transmission and is an all-round great way to travel.

In recognition of the unique times we're in, and the lack of a formal workplace for many, Cycle to Work Day is adapting. For 2020, it's simple - we're asking people to cycle for a reason personal to them for the chance to win a prize.

Participants can cycle anywhere, for any reason and with anyone. All we're asking of participants is that their rides are logged on the Cyclescheme Love to Ride community.


Promoting the event

Cycle to Work Day has an impressive reach; trending both in the UK and globally on Twitter in previous years. The removal of the commuting parameter means the event is set to reach its broadest audience yet - anyone able to cycle.

Cycle to Work Day will be promoted via...

  • The 7 Cycle to Work Day and Cyclescheme social accounts
  • Email to our database of 125K riders
  • Our 50K clients
  • The Cyclescheme Love to Ride community

About Cycle to Work Day

Founded by Cyclescheme, Cycle to Work Day is the UK's biggest one-day commuting event.
Since 2012, Cycle to Work Day has been helping workers have that ‘light bulb' moment - the realisation that commuting shouldn't be costly, congested and stressful. The event provides a reason to try cycling and get a taste of the associated health, wealth and wellbeing benefits.

Cycle to Work Day celebrates and recognises all types of riders - new, returning and the experienced. 

For more information about Cycle to Work Day or to sign up visit the website

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